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What is a builders risk policy?

Builders Risk Insurance, also known as Course of Construction Insurance, is a specially design policy that provides coverage for commercial and residential buildings during the construction process. Including ground-up projects and renovations. Continue Reading...

What type of Construction Projects Can We Cover With Builders Risk?

New construction


Remodeling of a building, either structural and/or cosmetic work.

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How can I get my Builders Risk Insurance?

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How much does it cost?

On Average, the policy costs can vary between 1% and 5% of the total project value. There are four factors that affect the cost: project type, construction type (material), policy term, and location. We give our clients more options with better rates, given that we work with many A+ carriers.

Why do I need a Builders Risk Insurance?

All constructions should have a Builders Risk Policy, even if you take all the necessary precautions; they have a lot of risks, and these can delay a project. This insurance keeps you protected in case of loss or damages (that are expensive to fix).

How long does it last?

This policy is only available for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. However, you can renew it until the project finishes. After the construction is complete, you can get other types of policies to cover the building, such as Homeowners, a Landlord, or Vacant Building policy, which we also provide..


How does it work?

Builders Risk exists to protect construction sites from losses and damages caused by catastrophes, vandalism, natural disasters, etc. When building a new construction o remodeling, the owner, contractor, or both get this policy to cover their project. This insurance works as a contingency plan, taking care of you and your needs.

We represent 90% of Builders risk carriers in the US

We represent over 15 builders risk companies which combined represent over 90% of the builders risk in the entire nation. If it is possible, we will get your risk insured. Lapse in coverage, Coastal, Multiple claims, we have you covered.

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We insure you in all 50 states

We're well versed in the nuances of all 50 states. We understand specific state rules and when extra coverage is needed; Such as flood, earthquake, wind, etc.

Protect the unexpected

Building materials, foundation, falsework, paving, cribbing, outdoor, fixtures, and more.

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