Any building under construction is vulnerable. Property damage insurance is essential. To begin with, there is danger from wind or flooding. Secondly, unoccupied buildings are targets for vandals and thieves. Last but not least, the risk of fire is extremely high on a construction site.

Builder’s Risk provides coverage for buildings during the course of their construction. However, this is for damage to the insured’s property, not for third-party liability claims.

Builder’s Risk policy covers equipment, tools and building materials that are being used for the insured construction. This includes vandalism and theft.

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October 4, 2021

What is the difference between Builders Risk Insurance and Liability Insurance?

Business owners in construction must purchase several insurance policies to ensure that their business, and its clients, are protected from harm. As such, understanding the importance and distinctions between insurance policy types can be a game saver in the long run. In a general contractor‘s life, whether a small business owner or large, you will often find general liability insurance, builders risk insurance, property insurance, workers compensation, and more.
September 28, 2020

Is Builder’s Risk Insurance For Property Damage Claims?

Property damage is part of working in construction. So, for protection against the resulting financial loss, contractors need insurance. Unfortunately, not all insurance is created equal. […]